Replacement of trucks and European benchmark

The Coop Group is backed by around 75,300 employees worldwide, primarily in Switzerland and Germany. With over 2000 sales outlets, Coop is the largest retail trade company in Switzerland.

Vehicle fleet in the project: trucks

Result: Increased cost transparency and reduction of brands

"With procorp, we were able to achieve greater transparency in the cost structure of the vehicle fleet and make significant cost savings".

At Coop the replacement of the trucks for the coming years was on the agenda. At the same time, a benchmark with other European countries was to be carried out. procorp supported Coop in this with its TCO method. The aim was to achieve greater transparency and comparability in the offers on the one hand and cost savings on the existing fleet on the other.

Project schedule

In close cooperation with the Coop team, procorp developed a specification, a questionnaire and the evaluation tool for the tender. One of the key criteria was sustainability, which is of high importance for the entire Coop group.

After receiving the offers, procorp consolidated and prepared them for the attention of Coop. On the occasion of a joint meeting the options for action were discussed and the further procedure was determined. Beat Hirschi, head of the transport department: “The price differences in the offers were surprisingly large and showed us what the creation of a competitive situation can bring.


The Coop Group chose procorp because its approach to tendering is unique in this form. With procorp’s method the sourcing strategy of the Coop Group was reviewed and confirmed.

According to Hirschi, thanks to procorp’s methodological expertise, the company now has detailed cost transparency that was not available in this form. “The savings based on TCO can be described as significant. This would not have been possible without the support of procorp”.