Optimize – with the cost analysis drive type

Gasoline, diesel, hybrid or electric – there are many different types of drive systems for vehicles. Since sustainability is not only about ecology but also about economy, we look at the financial aspects with the cost analysis of the drive system from a TCO perspective.

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Cost analysis of the drive type for a reasonable change

A cost simulation between a vehicle with a combustion engine and one with an electric motor provides you with the basis for decisions regarding brand and model selection. You can immediately see from which mileage per year which type of drive is worthwhile.

Using our software and our extensive database, we can provide you with a cost analysis of the drive type.

The current consumption is mapped on the basis of your ACTUAL values – this is more accurate than relying on manufacturer data. The result shows the real situation in your fleet.

Your advantages:

cost analysis drive type

With the help of a graphic representation you can see at a glance where the costs overlap. The cost analysis of the type of drive thus clearly shows the mileage at which it would be worthwhile to change the drive.

We can carry out the cost analysis of the type of drive for different vehicles, brands and models.

Compare your drive types now!

Contact us and talk to us about the vehicles you want to compare. We will prepare the cost comparison for you including a clear graphic.

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