Tendering of the fleet and equipment as well as attachments for commercial vehicles

The Schmid Group, based in Ebikon, LU, has a fleet of almost 200 vehicles. Of these, about 2/3 are commercial vehicles (up to 3.5t), 1/3 are passenger cars and 1 is a truck.

Vehicle fleet in the project: Passenger cars and commercial vehicles

Result: Passenger cars – change from purchase to full-service leasing

"Thanks to procorp, we now know we can optimize vehicle TCO and costs for vehicle equipment and attachments."

Schmid was looking to optimize its fleet and wanted to know if a switch from purchasing to full-service leasing would bring financial and process advantages.

“At the outset, we commissioned procorp to carry out a benchmarking exercise for us at today’s costs. The results were very informative and clear, so we immediately mandated procorp to tender our fleet,” says Daniel Bucher, CFO and member of the Board of Directors of the Schmid Group.

Schmid then wanted to transfer the passenger cars in particular to a full-service leasing model.

Passenger car fleet, facilities and attachments for delivery trucks are put out to tender

“It was clear to us after the benchmarking that we would outsource the servicing of our passenger car fleet, and we would do it fully,” Bucher says. The expected savings from a total cost of ownership perspective were convincing across the board.

Thus, a full service leasing solution for all passenger cars and the truck for construction machine transports was tendered via the “procorp fleet procurement” software. At the same time, the current conditions and delivery times were requested for the delivery trucks.

“We were able to demonstrate once again that the TCO for electric vehicles is nowadays on a par with conventional combustion vehicles,” says Rolf Müller, partner at procorp.

Parallel to the tender for the vehicles, the facilities (racking system) were also put out to tender so that the Schmid Group could also get a picture of the current market situation here.


The combination of the pure TCO offers combined with a detailed presentation of the leasing providers according to a clearly defined agenda tipped the scales in favor of a leasing provider for the passenger cars.

“We really appreciated procorp’s professional support in various areas. Not only the tender, but also the support during the bid discussions, the sound know-how, the broad-based partner network and the organization of transitional solutions for new employees were particularly helpful for us,” says Bucher about procorp’s services.