The Arlesheim Clinic is the world’s first clinic for anthroposophic medicine. Since 1921, conventional medicine has been supplemented by individual holistic methods.
The Sonnenhof has existed since 1924 and works on the basis of anthroposophical anthropology, medicine and pedagogy. Rudolf Steiner and Ita Wegman founded in Arlesheim, for the first time in the world, this completely new way of medicine and curative education.

Fleet in the project: passenger cars and commercial vehicles (with special fittings for wheelchair access).

Result: Change from purchase to full-service leasing with integration of a car-sharing technology

„procorp supported us with the procurement of the vehicles and also with process issues around the entire operation."

Klinik Arlesheim AG and Sonnenhof Arlesheim AG wanted to examine the extent to which the current mode of operation of their fleets could be optimized. Too many resources are currently being spent on the two small fleets of 20 vehicles combined. Mainly due to the fact that the vehicles are not personally assigned and the time coordination of the usage causes a high internal effort.

“I already knew procorp from a project at a previous employer, so I was sure from the start that we would only benefit here,” says Patrick Meyer, Head of Finance and Administration at Klinik Arlesheim AG. Therefore, procorp was commissioned to propose a new solution and also to prepare it for implementation in the form of a tender.

Leasing instead of buying

“Our vehicles make relatively few kilometers per year and are therefore also partly outdated,” says Frieder Recht, overall manager Sonnenhof Arlesheim AG. “That was the initial situation that procorp found and on the basis of which we started discussions regarding optimization options.” procorp proposed to quickly renew just under half of the vehicles, outsourcing the management of these vehicles in the form of full-service leasing.

In addition to moving to full-service leasing, some younger vehicles were put out to bid through a sale and leaseback process. The remaining older vehicles were to be transferred to the management of the leasing provider. This approach ensures that the entire fleet is managed by one partner. This minimizes the effort for internal fleet management enormously and is a practicable approach for a small fleet.


procorp carried out a tendering process using the “procorp fleet procurement” tendering software. The results were presented to the clients by the leasing provider. “Thanks to the comprehensive nature of the tender, we knew that all our needs were covered. And because of the TCO matrix, which starts at low mileages, we will always know exactly what the fleet is costing us in the future,” says Meyer.

The fact that the leasing provider chosen on the basis of the market comparison of TCO costs is also able to offer car sharing is another plus for the customer. “It makes it easier for us to use the fleet because the vehicles don’t have a direct assignment to a driver. We are extremely satisfied with procorp’s service and the results achieved,” says Frieder Recht.