Compare – with TCO benchmarking

Only those who know their current fleet costs exactly can really optimize. Here it is worth comparing with the usual market costs. This way you will know in no time at all how to classify the costs of your company fleet and what potential arises for you.

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TCO benchmarking for a clear cost comparison

We would be happy to show you how your fleet costs compare to other company fleets on the market using a clear benchmarking. This way you can see how optimized your fleet is already on the road and which cost positions still have room for improvement.

We evaluate your current fleet costs for you on the basis of the total cost of ownership (TCO = total cost of ownership) and compare these with current market prices realized from ongoing market observation and from tenders. You will receive the valuation for those TCO elements that you would like to have compared:

  • Vehicle conditions
  • Amortization and capital costs
  • Costs of driver and vehicle support (fleet management)
  • Maintenance and repair costs
  • Costs for tires and tire management
  • TCO costs per month or per kilometer

Your advantages:

TCO benchmarking

You decide how many and which vehicles should be compared. Possible are cars, vans, trucks or industrial trucks. We assess the current costs (internal and external) of the vehicle segments and specific vehicles that are most frequently used in your fleet (frequent driver models) and provide you with recommendations for action.

Our clear approach coupled with our web-based software delivers immediate results. You know where you can start to optimize your fleet.

If you do not have all cost items or the data situation is not clear, we can enrich the values from our extensive database. Thus you have a meaningful basis for your cost comparison.

A TCO benchmarking is worthwhile for you especially if you:

Benchmarking has shown our cost situation. This was the ideal basis for our tender.

Choose the form in which you want to receive the TCO benchmarking:

Make the comparison now!

We create the TCO benchmarking for a specific vehicle. It is best to select a frequent driver vehicle, i.e. a vehicle that is used very frequently in your fleet.

After your registration on our website, enter the details of the vehicle and its equipment as well as the requested cost items for this vehicle in the online form.
Then select the optional consulting services for TCO benchmarking. After your order we will create the TCO benchmarking. If you have chosen a telephone or personal consultation, we will contact you to arrange an appointment.

If you want to compare other vehicles, please repeat the order by clicking the button below.

Arrange your consultation appointment!

Get in touch with us. In a presentation we will introduce you to our method and discuss which approach is best suited for your fleet.

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