Carvolution was the first subscription provider for vehicles in Switzerland and has a market share of around 80 percent by 2020. Founded in March 2018, the company has grown successfully in the market since then and, a good two years later, has around 40 employees who serve customers throughout Switzerland with a fleet of several thousand vehicles.

Vehicle fleet in the project: Passenger cars in several segments

Result: Process design and digitalization of procurement from the requirement message to the delivery

"We are intensifying our collaboration with the aim of further digitalizing our processes, from reporting requirements to customer-specific invoicing."

As a young company that was able to grow very strongly, especially in 2020, Carvolution was interested in optimizing its procurement process quickly and in the best possible way (integrated processes, digital tendering, efficient evaluation on a TCO basis). These tasks were started very successfully together with the employees of Carvolution within the scope of a tender.
Several hundred vehicles were tendered, evaluated and finally procured using the software. This digitalization step, in combination with newly defined processes, from notification of demand to delivery, supports Carvolution in its enormous growth phase and ensures that all data and information is available at the right time to the right market participants.
The tender also included an examination of the scope of in- and outsourcing of selected services. This aspect will be refined through further tenders (procurement channels, process design) so that the largest vehicle buyer in Switzerland has an optimal mix for its own business and can react flexibly to the needs of its own customers at all times.


“We got to know procorp as a small, dynamic company that is the professional for tendering, evaluation and procurement of vehicles”, says Luis Wittwer, COO and co-founder of Carvolution AG. “We have learned a lot from the procorp method. Carvolution benefits very much from the software expertise because it allows a lot of mapping, uniform comparison and archiving in one place. This way we always have the cost side under control”, Wittwer continues.
The first tender was successfully completed, the conditions for Carvolution can be described as very interesting. For this reason, both partners have decided to continue the partnership and to carry out the upcoming tenders together again.