As a strong convenience and food service provider, Valora is the market leader in small-scale retail. The company’s fleet of around 90 vehicles is on the road for the Swiss brands and branches.

Vehicle fleet in the project: passenger cars

Result: Digitization of the tender

"The contact to procorp came at the right time for us. We were able to achieve significant savings by comparing providers and using procorp's software".

The fleet consists of cadre and field service vehicles and is divided into different categories according to their functional level. For several years, Valora has been working with a fleet management service provider which has been operating the vehicles under full-service leasing arrangements.

More transparency and lower costs through procorp

procorp won Valora as a customer in Switzerland and scored points with its approach of obtaining an up-to-date cost comparison and creating additional market transparency for Valora.

Together with Valora, the needs and must-have criteria for the fleet were identified and the parameters for the invitation to tender were defined. Several leasing companies were invited to tender and a comparison of offers was drawn up using Valora’s own tendering software and procorp’s TCO software. Valora’s previous leasing partner was also in the running.

He was able to place himself clearly in first place in the ranking and confirm his performance. For Valora, however, with a significant improvement, as Ms Widmer of Strategic Purchasing/Fleet Management notes: “The tendering process has allowed competition between leasing companies and vehicle brands to play in our favour. We have improved our cost situation and gained a new understanding of what cost levers we can apply to our fleet”. A further advantage is that the same partner and the same brands are used, which means that well-established processes can be retained.


Negotiating billing modalities and service details is often time-consuming. The result of procorp’s expert support in the renegotiations was also very satisfactory for Valora’s fleet manager. “We have now made ourselves fit for the next few years with our previous leasing partner,” says Widmer.