The Schindler Group is a global leader in elevators, escalators and all related services. In Switzerland, around 2,800 employees stand behind Schindler Aufzüge.

Vehicle fleet in the project: Passenger cars and commercial vehicles

Result: Digitization of the tender and increased cost transparency

„Thanks to procorp and their web-based and digitalized TCO methodology, we have been able to reduce the cost of our fleet once again.“

In 2013 / 2014 Schindler together with procorp GmbH has re-tendered its vehicle fleet. procorp supports the Schindler fleet team in implementation and cost controlling. The common goal is to keep the fleet costs low in the long term. The dual sourcing strategy chosen by Schindler, combined with procorp’s expertise and reliable market data, promotes competitive TCOs and ensures a high quality of service.

Cost reduction through tendering

Since the cost of the vehicle fleet is of great importance at Schindler, the responsible parties have decided to put the entire fleet out to tender in 2018. The brands and models as well as the leasing providers had to compete with each other.

Project in two phases

Phase 1: Tender and recording of all conditions

In the first phase, various brands and models were requested on the market. The software from procorp was used to structure the inquiry. The importers had to offer those vehicles in a given structure which best met Schindler’s requirements and mobility needs. In the further course of the tender, the leasing providers were asked to submit their offers for the brands and models already recorded in the software.

“The software from procorp simplified the tender process for us considerably. Without much effort on our part, all offers were made comparable in such a way that the results could be evaluated quickly and easily for us”, says Urs Bühler, Head of Fleet Management at Schindler Switzerland.

Phase 2: Negotiation of the offers

The results were condensed by procorp and presented to Schindler by means of recommendations for action. The large number of offers, which could be presented very clearly thanks to the software, provided an optimal basis for the negotiations with the providers who made it onto the shortlist.


„Thanks to procorp’s tendering method, we were able to significantly reduce our fleet costs several years ago. Thanks to the support we have been benefiting from sustainably optimized costs ever since. The ongoing competition among our partners is thus maintained in a fair and fact-based manner. The 2018 tender will lead to a further reduction in costs. “We are very satisfied with procorp’s performance and are therefore pleased that the excellent partnership could be extended”, says Patrick Hess, CEO of Schindler Switzerland.