Honegger AG is a full-service provider for building-related services in the areas of cleaning, facility management, cleanroom and healthcare. The Swiss family-owned company employs 6,000 people from 100 nations at 25 locations.

Fuhrpark im Projekt: Passenger cars and commercial vehicles

Resultat: Change of management model from purchase to lease

"With procorp, we have restructured our fleet and saved a lot of money by outsourcing. Thanks to procorp's method, this was a very worthwhile project for us."

Honegger has been buying its vehicles and managing them itself for several years. This was primarily because they had had negative experiences with leasing. At the end of the term, Honegger used to be confronted with non-transparent final invoices.

Initially, procorp carried out a benchmarking for Honegger. Based on the results, Honegger issued an order to put the entire fleet out to tender on a “closed” full-service lease. This was to find out whether complete outsourcing would not be profitable after all.

Execution of the tender

To ensure that the most cost-effective offers were submitted for the client, procorp first invited tenders for possible makes and models based on the requirements and mobility needs agreed with the client.

Vendors were invited to bid on suitable vehicles (passenger and commercial) through a detailed set of specifications, across multiple functional levels. Once all vehicle offers had been entered into the procorp software by the importers, selected leasing providers were given access to the software. They were now required to offer those vehicle models they deemed most economical. “It was very surprising how many offers came together here,” says Stefan Honegger, Chairman of the Board of Honegger AG. “But thanks to the procorp software, it was possible to make a quick and fair comparison without any problems.


“Initially, we were skeptical whether leasing was really optimal for us. After all, we had had less than ideal experiences years ago. However, procorp was able to demonstrate to leasing providers with its experience, its web-based TCO method and, above all, with a set of contracts tailored to our needs, that this path makes a lot of sense for us. And we are finding that full outsourcing is much more economical,” says Stefan Honegger. “The tender together with procorp has been completely worthwhile for us.”