Spitex Bern is the public Spitex organization with a supply mandate for the city of Bern and the municipality of Kehrsatz. It provides basic and treatment care and supports the coordination of help and care at home.

Vehicle fleet in the project: passenger cars

Result: Change of management model from purchase to leasing

"Fast and uncomplicated - procorp and its TCO software is the right partner for any size of fleet".

Spitex Bern has a fleet of about 40 small vehicles. The vehicles were previously financed by external financing and then managed by the company itself.

By the end of 2019, a large part of this fleet was due for replacement. Based on a recommendation, Spitex Bern has sought contact with procorp. After a first presentation, Spitex quickly decided to implement this project together with procorp. “The competence and market knowledge of procorp convinced us immediately”, says Renate Bandi, responsible for the vehicle fleet. “In addition, procorp showed us an extremely pragmatic way to implement the project, which allowed us to carry out a sound evaluation despite time pressure”.

Change to full-service leasing

Due to the constant cost pressure in the social welfare sector, it was clear to Spitex Bern from the very beginning that the replacement procurement must bring cost savings. In addition, the internal resources should be relieved of the fleet management. “We can use our resources much more sensibly than for the care of vehicles”, says Ms. Liechti.

Therefore, procorp has recommended that a full service leasing option be considered. “The subject of vehicles is not new to me, but nevertheless the cooperation with procorp was an optimal addition for me,” Ms Bandi states. “In particular, I was able to benefit from the comprehensive service by not having to put several days of work into the evaluation”.

Lean project through consistent implementation

According to Ms Bandi, procorp’s support during the contract negotiations was also particularly helpful. “The link between the services tendered and the final negotiated contract basis was finalized very quickly”.


“The realized savings of around 25% have repaid procorp’s costs for this project many times over,” says Judith Liechti. “A project that has really paid off. We can only recommend procorp, it is always worthwhile to have a conversation. Mrs. Bandi is convinced that with the chosen leasing provider she has found the right partner for the coming years and a professional who will take care of the business.

Report aboutFleet from 17.12.2019