The ROTH GROUP employs over 400 people and offers networked competence in insulation, fire protection and coatings. Well-trained employees and a sustainable corporate policy are the hallmarks of the company.

Vehicle fleet in the project: Passenger cars and commercial vehicles

Result: Standardization across the group and introduction of a vehicle catalog

"With procorp, we now benefit not only from significantly lower fleet costs, but above all from the long-term safeguarding of attractive conditions."

The vehicle fleet of the entire Group comprises around 220 vehicles for the performance of daily work. In addition to station wagons, the majority of these are assembly vehicles in the form of delivery vans (panel vans and station wagons).
Thanks to its “buy & build strategy”, the ROTH GROUP has grown strongly in recent years, both organically and inorganically. In the context of this rapid growth, Roth is striving to unify certain areas and processes and to standardize them group-wide. One such area is vehicles. The aim is to create a unit that will be perceived as such from the outside. At the same time, costs are to be noticeably reduced by restructuring the vehicle fleet (reduction of brands and models), standardising it (equipment and accessories) and tendering it as a complete package in full-service leasing.

Standardization of vehicles

On the occasion of a joint workshop, the ROTH management together with procorp determined the degree of standardization for each functional level. This was used by procorp as a basis for the tender. Vehicle models were defined for each functional level at ROTH in order to drive forward the consolidation of the growth strategy and to ensure a uniform image on the outside.

Vehicle fleet costs under control – long-term savings guaranteed

The standardization specifications were mapped ROTH-specifically in procorp’s TCO tool and in the further tender documents. The focus was on the functional vehicle equipment.
“The results of the first rounds of bidding have surprised us very much. The savings potential was significant” says Patrick Ryser, CFO ROTH GROUP.
After the ranking-based selection of the providers, the conditions were renegotiated both with the importers and the leasing providers. “Here, too, the results achieved were amazing,” says Ryser. “The structured method of procorp up to a tailor-made contract has resulted in a striking optimization of our vehicle fleet”.
According to Ryser, ROTH now has a level of transparency in its fleet costs that was previously unknown to them. “To carry out the project together with procorp was the right decision. We are
looking forward to savings in the region of 30% on the total costs. Our expectations were clearly exceeded”.


“What also speaks in favour of choosing procorp as their tender specialist is the fact that they will now accompany us over the coming years in implementing and securing the low leasing conditions and will continue to advise us. So we are not only benefiting in the short term, but are talking about long-term, sustainable restructuring and cost reduction. Exactly what we were looking for,” Ryser says enthusiastically.

Report in aboutFleet, June 9, 2017