Livit FM Services AG is an independent company under the umbrella of Livit AG, which focuses entirely on facility management. Over 500 employees look after around 1300 properties throughout Switzerland.

Vehicle fleet in the project: passenger cars and commercial vehicles

Result: Adaptation of brand/model mix and management model from management only to leasing

„The professionalism of procorp convinced us already in the first meeting.“

The fleet of Livit FM Services AG consists of 200 vehicles, half of which are passenger cars and half commercial vehicles <3.5t. The fleet also includes the vehicles of Livit AG. The company had previously purchased the vehicles and only outsourced the management externally in an open management.

As replacement purchases were necessary for various vehicles, Livit FM Services AG was looking for a professional and independent consulting company with a high level of expertise in vehicle procurement. Upon recommendation, Livit FM CEO Dominik Frei turned to procorp GmbH.

Convincing results – quick decision

Livit FM Services AG’s goal was to continue to outsource vehicle support, but it was not clear how the financing would be arranged. For this reason, both full-service leasing and management only (with the outsourcing of all risks to the provider) were put out to tender. This allowed Livit FM Services AG to see the full potential of the savings and the differences between the management models in terms of the financial risk situation for the customer.

The achieved savings on TCO costs of over 30% exceeded the expectations of Livit FM Services AG. “The values that procorp was able to achieve for us in the tendering process through their method, the specific tendering software and their comprehensive industry knowledge made it easy for us to decide in favour of the new model”, says Dominik Frei. In order to take advantage of simpler processes and less internal resource requirements, Livit FM Services AG opted for classic full-service leasing.

Professional support even after the tender

In addition to the tender, procorp supported Livit FM Service AG in contract negotiations with the providers with advice and assistance.


“procorp offered us optimal support throughout the entire process. The draft contract drawn up by procorp covered all our needs and secured us a good negotiating position”, Frei is satisfied. “We will continue to obtain services from procorp in the future. For example, procorp will support Livit FM Services AG in the ordering process, advise on the expansion of the vehicle catalog and ensure cost/performance transparency by means of a permanent competitive situation during the semi-annual TCO rounds. Furthermore, procorp supports Livit FM Services AG in the implementation of contracts and the corresponding controlling.