Optimize - through tendering with procorp

Our unique tendering method is based on TCO software developed specifically for this purpose.
With our services, cost savings of up to 30% can be achieved and you can ensure process improvements in your vehicle procurement.

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Dienstleistungen Software-Abo Ausschreibung TCO-Benchmarking Vertrags-Check Kostenanalyse Antriebsart Vorlagen und Checklisten

Tender with support from procorp

Buy or lease – it doesn’t matter: We have developed a software especially for tenders in the automotive sector that is applied individually for each customer. Thanks to this digital evaluation tool, you as a customer receive the desired transparency in the offers.

With our method, the providers are required to submit bids according to the same specifications. The evaluation tool allows the individualization you desire.

Whatever you want is put out to tender. Even if you don’t know yet if you want to add one or the other equipment / accessories / package, this is no problem. We evaluate the prices on the market for you. You decide later on how you want to finally configure your vehicles. Because one thing is clear: Vehicles are not goods that only differ in price!

Your advantages:

Software subscription Tender

Our TCO evaluation tool allows an integrated consolidation of all offers. The TCO costs of the runtime/mileage combinations are displayed in a price matrix for each tendered vehicle model and for each supplier (costs per month, costs per kilometer). You can see at a glance which combination provides the most economical TCO for you.

We create a ranking list for each provider based on TCO elements and across all consolidated TCO offers. This enables us to identify cost drivers immediately and you can see how the price will develop when the performance parameters change.

Our method has been successfully tested in practice several times, both in the purchase and leasing of fleets. In all the companies we have assisted with tenders, savings of up to 30% based on TCO have been achieved.

procorp was able to demonstrate with their web-based TCO methodology that leasing makes sense for us.

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