Renewed tender with a focus on electromobility

Ernst Schweizer AG is a leading metal construction company and offers a wide range of products for the building industry. For decades it has been acting in accordance with the principles of sustainable corporate management.

Vehicle fleet in the project: passenger cars and commercial vehicles

Result: Restructuring of the fleet and change of management model from purchase to leasing

"procorp impressed us with their expertise 4 years ago. It was clear to us right from the start that procorp was our preferred partner for vehicle procurement."

Customer case 2023

In 2019/2020, Ernst Schweizer and procorp put the entire vehicle fleet out to tender and restructured its management. “This project was a complete success for us, both financially and in terms of processes. And reason enough to also put the truck to be replaced out to tender via procorp in 2022, which also paid off completely,” says Marc Bremgartner.

New car fleet in 2023

“The car fleet now had to be replaced again, with sustainability becoming more important than 4 years ago,” says Marc Bremgartner.
During a workshop, the mobility needs were jointly compared in order to establish the basis for the requirements in the tender documentation and the procorp software. The first step was then to inquire about vehicle conditions on the market. Selected models were then made available to various providers for TCO calculation in procorp’s online tendering tool. Thanks to the software, comparisons could be made quickly and discussed with Ernst Schweizer. “It’s fascinating to see how a wide range of scenarios can be simulated within a very short time thanks to this software. It was so quick for us to select the optimal partners based on the detailed conditions presented,” says Bremgartner.

Expansion of electromobility
The focus on electromobility was also strengthened with this tender. “This has brought us two interesting insights: firstly, electromobility needs to be planned more carefully in order to implement it to the benefit of the company and its employees. Secondly, electromobility does pay off, as the TCO is lower than for combustion engines in some cases, even without taking fuel costs into account,” says the Head of Supply Chain. “We are now electrifying around a quarter of our car fleet and will definitely also be looking into the possibilities of electrifying our commercial vehicles in the next tender. We will once again be relying on procorp as a partner.”



Ernst Schweizer AG is on course for sustainability: around a third of its fleet is now electrically powered. Satisfaction with procorp’s tendering method is high. This is because it has once again been shown that the comprehensive tendering of a fleet in professional software produces the best results.

Customer case 2019 - brand and cost analysis and support with vehicle sales

Ernst Schweizer AG is in the phase of generational succession within the family. This circumstance should be used to subject the current purchase fleet of around 100 vehicles to a brand and cost review. “From my previous job I knew that leasing vehicles can be attractive if it is properly tendered and negotiated,” says Aleksander Horvat, CFO Ernst Schweizer AG.

Digital tendering brings clarity

“The starting position was clear: we want to reposition the fleet. The focus was on costs, the external image and rapid processing. And all of this was done while taking into account the long tradition of sustainability at Ernst Schweizer AG,” says Aleksander Horvat.

As a result, offers for various models were obtained from various importers and made available to selected leasing companies for TCO calculation. Thanks to the automated bid comparison in procorp’s software, a shortlist of importers and leasing providers could be quickly compiled with whom the final round of negotiations would be conducted.

“procorp’s digital method quickly led to comparisons that enabled immediate decisions to be made within our company. We will now lease our entire fleet, which will bring us many benefits in a number of ways,” says Horvat. “procorp’s tendering method has clearly demonstrated this.

Concerted replacement of the purchased fleet

“We now know which partners we will be working with in the future. procorp also supported us in the implementation of the entire contract, which made the project even more simple and professional for us,” says Horvat.

“At the moment there are incredibly turbulent and uncertain times, but nevertheless it is now important to press ahead with the implementation. Here, too, procorp helps us in an unprecedented way”.

For example, procorp provides support in obtaining further offers for special vehicles. In addition, procorp also assists Ernst Schweizer AG in the replacement of the previous purchased fleet by coordinating and organizing the process of sale together with Ernst Schweizer in line with the delivery dates.


“procorp was a stroke of luck for us, we were able to rethink the subject of fleet and fleet management and have essentially exceeded all targets,” says Horvat. “And thanks to the digital method, this optimization project was completed in a timely manner and can now be implemented”.

Report in aboutFleet from 21.09.2020