Digitize your procurement – with a software for tenders

Our digital tendering platform “procorp fleet procurement” is a unique software especially developed for the tendering of fleet vehicles.


Software for independent and autonomous tenders

Our unique tendering platform “procorp fleet procurement” is the ideal tool to optimize your fleet in terms of costs and brand and model choice. With the software subscription for tenders you can apply the proven procorp method yourself.

With “procorp fleet procurement” tens of thousands of vehicles have already been tendered. The software is well established in the market and known to vehicle suppliers.
This allows you to manage your fleet on a strategic level and to be constantly aware of the costs of your fleet.

With the software subscription for tenders you have access to the tender platform. You can subscribe for a fixed period of time, for a certain number of accounts or depending on the project.

Your advantages:

Fast and uncomplicated - procorp and its TCO software is the right partner for any size of fleet.

Software subscription for tender

This is how it works

In the tendering platform, you define which type of vehicle or which vehicle segments you want to tender. Then you specify the equipment features you require. You can also select which providers should prepare an offer.

The offers are entered directly into the tendering platform by the suppliers.

The software aggregates all offers into a clear price matrix.

The number of offers is unlimited – thanks to the digital solution of the tendering software “procorp fleet procurement”.

Software subscription Tender

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