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Would you like to review and reorganize your fleet, but do not have the resources for a lengthy tendering process due to different offers from different suppliers?

Are you looking for a method to have a clear and transparent overview of your entire fleet costs? Would you like to finally have clarity about which term is the most economical for your fleet vehicles?

Let our online tool work for you

procorp specializes in the tendering of fleet vehicles and has developed a unique evaluation tool for this purpose, which transparently presents the total costs according to TCO (total cost of ownership). It is based on more than 25 years of experience in vehicle procurement, fleet management and mobility services.

Our digital tendering platform can be configured according to your needs – for passenger cars as well as light or heavy commercial vehicles. You decide which equipment features you want in the vehicles and which fleet management services you want to outsource. We obtain the offers of your desired brands for you and present them in a comparable way. A clear ranking gives you clear information at a glance about which vehicle costs how much and where your savings potential lies. All procorp customers have been able to save up to 30% or more in their fleet costs thanks to our unique method.

Talk to us! We will find the optimal fleet solution for you.

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