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Patrick Ineichen

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When did you last take a close look at your fleet costs? Are you already exhausting all possible savings potentials? It is often worthwhile to put even long-standing partnerships to the test of the competition.

If you calculate your fleet costs according to the TCO model and include all components, you know the cost levers and have your costs well under control. Often, however, a thorough analysis of the total costs is years behind, because the internal fleet manager is usually more than busy with the day-to-day business of managing the fleet. Long-term supplier relationships also often make a critical comparison of the actual costs difficult.

As a neutral specialist for the procurement of vehicle fleets and fleet services, procorp can support you here. We relieve you of the time-consuming work of comparing offers, analyze your current fleet costs and determine the optimal composition of your fleet according to your individual needs. All procorp customers have been able to save up to 20% and more in their fleet costs thanks to our unique TCO method.

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