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Fleet costs are made up of many items. The impact of individual cost blocks on the TCO is often underestimated. Our TCO calculator gives you the result in no time at all.

Our TCO calculator - brand-independent, neutral and transparent

Would you like to know what TCO costs (total costs) your different vehicles cause for you? With the procorp TCO calculator you can quickly determine the actual costs.

Vehicle fleet costs consist of many fixed or variable amounts. Take a close look at the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your fleet, because this is the only way to identify cost drivers.

The TCO includes all costs of a vehicle – from the purchase price to maintenance and operating costs to the residual value of the vehicle. The TCO calculator gives you a clear overall picture of the current costs in your fleet.

Your advantages:

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If you know the TCO of a vehicle, you have the basis for cost optimization in your fleet.
You can compare these with a benchmarking and see at a glance whether your fleet still has optimization possibilities.

Calculate now your TCO!

Our online tool calculates the TCO costs of a vehicle per running time, year, month and kilometer for you with just a few clicks.

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