Are you paying too much for your fleet?

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Do you know exactly how much your fleet costs? Do you know which costs are caused where? Are all costs actually incurred included in your overall calculation? Then you are already ahead of many other companies in your fleet management. Because only few companies have a comprehensive overview of the actual costs of their company fleet down to the last detail.

But the real questions are: How much do you pay compared to others? What does the price development look like? What are the trends in the industry and how do I reduce risks? And what is your untapped savings potential?

If you want “more car for less money”, benchmarking of your fleet costs is recommended.

What does fleet benchmarking show you?

You get a clear comparison of your vehicle expenses at today’s market costs. Your vehicle costs are compared with those of a peer group and to a “best-in-class” model. You also determine which cost elements you want to compare. These can be, for example, vehicle conditions, driver and vehicle support costs, tire management, TCO costs per month or kilometer and other parameters.

Benchmarking is possible for cars, vans, trucks or even industrial trucks. procorp’s unique database provides you with the meaningful figures you need to manage your fleet.

You can quickly see where you stand with your current fleet and what you can do next to optimize your fleet.

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